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This is a list which I may or may not verify of developers which I think have reached an oustanding status with or without direct appraisal from other BYONDers.

NOTE: If you're not on this list you've something to work to. Also, being on this list doesn't mean that you're DM skill is high quality. You should recognize everyone on this list. Multi-keys are listed twice.

-Air Mapster
-Android Data
-Ben G
-Blast Production
-Calus CoRPS
-D4RK3 54B3R
-Darker Emerald
-Evi of au
-Green Lime
-Iccusion Entertainment
-ITG Master
-Jon Snow
-Knuckles skater
-Lesbian Assassin
-Lord of Water
-Lummox JR
-Mobius Evalon
-Nature Nutz
-The mothball
-Unknown Person
-Wild Fire Entertainment
-ZOMBIES Entertainment

I went through the entire hub and created this list... So feel free to use it. XD
You sir , have waaaayyyy to much free time. Yea ++
- Gunbuddy13
+ Android Data
+ Audeuro
+ Bandock
+ Calus CoRPS
+ CauTi0N
+ Forum_account
+ a lot more.
+ Acebloke D: , How in the hell could you forget him?!?!
gahh i didnt make the whole list... i just tried to update it because the last one was made in 07
also acebloke is on there

How did you get on there?
Because I am awesome
Lol i'm still on the list =O.
Might Update it eventually... its a bit outdated to tell you the truth..

Falacy is an respected programmer?
Super Saiyan X wrote:

Falacy is an respected programmer?

I used to Respect him... He helped me out quite a bit when I first started out back in 2004-5... I believe that Falacy is just a Different Person using Strai's Moniker... I mean They act Totally Different... Strai was a cool dude, albeit a bit perverted at times... Meanwhile Falacy is just a Dick...

anyway hey SSX, long time no see.
who are you
why are you long time no seeing me

also strai = falacy, fact.
I swear Ive see you Somewhere around byond... I mean 6 years is a long time...

And I am: Jordan Harris, Kevin Ryman, (Yellow Fox) Gogeta The Prower, Bean Bandit, and lots of other names...

but mainly Jordan Harris *Real Name*, and Ss4gogeta0