-Kidpaddle45 (Programmer)

-King Vaidro X (Game's map)
-Kyle Dove

Pokemon Atom-Features:
  • Classic Pokemon Battle System.
  • Over 500+ Pokémon & 600+ Moves.
  • Fully customizable trainers.
  • Weekly/Monthly Events.
  • Fully playable in PvE and PvP.
  • A completely new region with 8 gyms to defeat!

Pokemon Land

This game is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or Game Freak. This is only a fan game and is 100% free to play. No profits are being made nor will be made from this game.
This game look cool kidpaddle45 is a good game creator.
Well,Thank You,I'm glad to see that some people are still looking forward to play my games.
Looks really nice. It seens the characters will be customizable woot!
keeps saying connection died when i log in
got connection died when tried to logg in and every time i put my id and pass it says wrong
from what ive seen on the screenshots this game looks awesome!!!
come on really !!!!!!! you had to cut off the server right when i was about to play damn!!!
i cant download the game it says error unzip failed
i cant even log into the game thats a shame
Its Closed Testing.
oh so... when am i going to be able to play
kidpaddle can u put up pokemon land so ppl can play ur game looks rlly kool kant w8 to play =)
theres a complaining tab in byond to complain but why in the game commet section
could someone host this ?
Might be able to host a server
I could
Stop bugging him and other people to host!
Everyone knows the game should be put back up. He will do it soon!

Thank you.
Started developing this again!
Any Help appreciated!
Should be working on Pirates Online not some gay pokemon game >;o

-Chimp MD
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