Seems promising, looking forward to playing this.
Once this finally is able to be played or downloaded I will either host it or just play it I say it will be fun ^_^
I'll be checking in on this game every once in a while. If I play it and I like it, I may donate some cash to the developer.
Looks good.
In response to ImmeasurableHate
Please,stop that,first do you EVEN know what gay is? and second,The game is on >.>
also,you're bugging some pokemon fans... please stop,its annoying...
looks promising and unique
Hopefully it'll be as fun as everyone expects.
When I try to download it opens up to the file with an application, and then it gets deleted for being a virus?
Game is fully completed. It only needed the world mapped and I finally found someone good.

Here's a quick screenshot of what he did, and hopefully, the game should be officially released in a week.

This is Shade and I'm giving some feedback. PA should be released in a week or two depending on how fast I work. At the pace it's going, it should be ready in a week. So stay tuned for the releasing of a great Pokemon adventure!
I wanted to play it but I dont know what I need to open a RSC file. PLEASE Help
Enrique, this will be hosted in around a week...
Keep an eye on it, we may host public servers to test things.
I got a trojan when I downloaded this. o_o
Thats really weird but anyways, the download button was cleared since it wasn't supposed to be there anyways.
Game now has a forum, I'm looking to build a community before game releases.

I want to release with a good player base, so here is the link.
The Download Doesnt work.
It's no longer hostable as game changed a lot.
I will be hosting servers every few days to test new content.
I'm about to host a server in a few minutes.
WAAA I love this game.
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