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Another idea I'd come up with recently, a short and simple rpg. I'll be perfectly honest: I liked the game Rudra no Hihou. I liked it so much that I played with the spell creation system for hours, and never actually played the game. This is the point at which I decided to rip the main idea, revamp it in my own fashion, and create something for people to play.

I'm very uncreative, so I simply decided this game would be called Mantra. For any information pertaining to what I have thought about for the game, see this document. Please reply below if you have questions, comments, or improvements -- this is a very quick thought (and therefore "dirty") idea. I would very much like some more thoughts on developing things such as story.

I also intend on having the project be "open source" -- as such, I've started a Google Code Project here. This was mostly for my own benefit, so I can synchronize my work across several computers, but it also opens up the potential to take in other people to help if they so desire. Please don't slam me for the horrible description, I haven't had the time to properly set up the page, and just set up some temporary things =P

At the time of speaking, I've thought of (with a bit of help) a relatively decent way to go about doing this "mantra" system (and, I've also programmed it). I've decided to completely eliminate the concept of "MP," though, so I hope it turns out for the best!

All that's really left at this point is a map, some icons, and a nice interface on top of this code :D
Can I be GM?
Quite the clever ruse. =P
Hmm I just read over the document, seems interesting. =D I love the concept. SO you mix Spell Prefixes with SPell Suffixes to create your own uinique spell?
That is correct. Those posted on the document are merely a sample (as I feel those numbers are too strict, and I would like to provide longer pre/suffixes for more benefit, as well as shorter ones for less benefit), however, there is a quantitative list there for reference when showing people the list.

For example:
(note that tildes are omitted when creating the actual spells -- they're used to distinguish between parts of the word)

ka~death would deal death in a 3x3 square around the target.

However, explosion~kin would deal massive amounts of fire damage. You can mix them even more, to create "fun" words:

ra~ra~gust~ga~ga -- this is a perfectly acceptable spell. I mean, honestly, it reminds me too much of lady gaga, so I might just have to pretend that it doesn't exist.

I just want there to be an large (if not nearly endless) amount of possibilities for people to be able to have fun with.
That is rather interesting. Cudos
Wow that sounds AMAZING!

Naw but seriously, this is a really interesting idea. I might just have to try out the game you mentioned! :O
Which license do you intend to use, or will it just be source-available rather than open source?
Google Code requires that I choose a license, and BSD was my favorite (however, I just noticed I had selected 'other' -- I must have really been in a rush).