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In light of the new website, I've decided to update my CSS as well. As far as I know everything works and nothing is out of place.

Obviously it's modeled after the new website's layout, although to my knowledge minor tweaks to the website are bound to happen, so this will end up being different than the new website over time.

I might change some stuff here and there, but for the most part I'm happy with how it turned out.

I give it a few days and someone will have "stolen" it, I'm sure. ;)

Stolen is in quotes because you can't steal something that's easily and openly obtainable.



If you would like to use this CSS(minus the "Mikau" on the header), simply add the following as your CSS instead of designing one.

@import url('');

After that, make sure your boxes are on the right side of the page(member_favorites), and include a "donate" box as your first member_favorites(with text), as well as a "custom" box as your second.

They are the top 2 boxes that you see on this screen.
I stole it!
It looks really good. Organized and all >_> Days? More like seconds!!!! *Steals CSS* Does it come in purple?
I should probably check if custom boxes that are in member_favorites are hidden while viewing a post. The top looks rather blank when you're not looking at the main page.
I'm definitely stealing this. Only problem is, I don't know how to change "Mikau" to "EmpirezTeam". I guess I just have to live with having a CSS with your name on it. =(
So, I'm jelly now.
You should probably just provide the CSS as-is.
Hey, you want to come on and tidy up my CSS since you should still have access to do so?
I basically just took your CSS, and put it into an external file:

Removed your top-bar as well. People can just do:

@import url('')

In their CSS layout window thingy, to get the whole style. You may want to consider doing a general one like that, which you can manage/update and just let people import. That way if there's a UI issue, you fix it for all users.
That doesn't work Stephen =(
Well that's confusing, as I can see it on my end fine everywhere it's used:
I'll provide an external link once I finish touching up a few things that I wanted to update, like the game advertisement box that shows up on the main page for custom content, as well as the smaller box that shows your name, "BYOND Member" and "Extend your membership!"
The reason Stephen's external CSS doesn't work is because he forgot a ;.
@import url('');
@import url('');

Comes with the latest improvements, and any future improvements will be automatically applied to your blog.

Make sure that you have 2 custom boxes on the member_favorites, one called "custom" and the other called "donate". Donate has to be the first on the list, custom being the second.

This comes with the header at the top, but does not include my name. I could append one of those lame "made by" tags somewhere, but I'm not the type of guy demanding attention and credit for things, and didn't make the original layout anyways, BYOND did.
Oh my god Mikau you are just amazing :)
Very nice job Mikau :)
But i expect no different from the person who helped me learn the basics of Css by showing me how simple it was to alter a few things on my page.
Nice work on this CSS, but just to let everyone know, we'll be closing the @import loophole today for security reasons. Copying the CSS and pasting it will still work.

However, users should also note that this CSS file overrides the old default CSS, and does not function properly with the new default (applied to new member blogs and other blogs that were not already overriding the default). Once a site switches to the new default that's the one they need to override. The contents of this CSS may need to be tweaked accordingly for those cases.