Since I am back, I would like to say!!!
I like this byond site and the updates that have been done now. :] but now I gotta put my foot back in and pull out the coding and get into it again. Since this is a new year, I am going to now, Update the game more frequently!

If there's any questions please do ask. and I need to make the contributors list on the hub for those who've been donating their artwork to me of Icons they've made and moves, codes that they all made.

I am happy to say, I am going to stay for a long time and no one can actually stop me ..

Hard times call, for different measures and I think I got mine all done. I'm glad to be part of Byond and thank you to all who have kept me up all night running tests...

PS: New Resurrections for Arrancar are being added, but are actually done by me :D


PSS: I added shinji, love, soifon, Kensei, and some other zanpakutos to add to the collections of the zan list. GOO SHINIGAMI's..
SoiFong-improved bankai and shikai
Shunsui-New moves!
and more..

PSSS: Please enjoy this nice song:
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Welcome back, beautiful. <3
Kumorii wrote:
Welcome back, beautiful. <3

lol hi. :) nice to see you again.
<3 Thanks Kumorii! and thank you Tekka and heya and hello Enig
Nice to see you again too Tek :D
wb bff saya <3 ^_^
<3 thank you empirez!