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With the new BYOND update it looks like Decadence has gotten a sudden boost in players. This would be pretty awesome normally, but a few weeks ago ATP had all their servers pulled which means Decadence lost its master server and a bunch of website data.

What this means for the game is players have been unable to download game data, server information, and other stuff. When attempting to host a server the game would sometimes become unresponsive and not let players join. These are problems caused by the master server being offline.

Since I haven't been able to set up a new one I'm just going to release this beta version of 1.4. This version wont attempt to communicate with a master server which isn't there and wont hang up on things. I've also uploaded the package files to my Member's account so everyone should be able to download the game off the hub page once again.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm working as fast as I can to get everything in order. If anything else breaks please feel free to leave a message on the forum. Also, a big thanks to Mikau and DeadStarr, they're currently hosting the North American server which should be pretty fast.
te llede el culooo!
I think it's Spanish for "cool story bro"
On your servers page of the website you should add this.

I use it for a website I made for a game, the problem with it is, it doesn't show the players. So I removed that to add a little click me link to join the server. [See here]
Nijuu wrote:
te llede el culooo!

Wow, a Spanish ninja? Say hi to Naruto for me.
Also I find it hard to believe that this is probably the best shooter on Byond. Yet it didn't start getting a good amount of players until after this update.
Liam Howe, the server page already has that sort of stuff. It also has the added benefit of functioning independent from the BYOND hub.

The problem was my server was pulled without warning so I lost about two month's worth of data, along with the entire website and master server. I didn't have a contingency plan set up for that so I had to release 1.4 with all the master server stuff stripped out.