BYOND Version:N/A (Website Bug)
Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
Web Browser:Chrome 8.0.552.237
Applies to:Website
Status: Resolved (web)

This issue has been resolved.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
When editing a blog post or adding a new blog post if you hover over the information icons(the blue bubbles with the 'i') when the balloon pops up with text - it will stay there if you hover over it after deleting the post. (hope that was clear enough.)

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:
1.) Go to a blog post you have.
2.) Click 'edit'.
3.) Click the delete button and hover over the information icon before the page refreshes.
4.) The page will refresh with the balloon still up.


Expected Results:
The balloon to be removed/disappear.

Actual Results:
The information balloon stays up.

Does the problem occur:
Every time? Or how often?
Every time that I tried.

In other games?
In other user accounts?
I'm not sure.
On other computers?
I'm not sure.

When does the problem NOT occur?
If you wait until the balloon disappears or starts to disappear.

Screenshot doesn't appear.