Harvest Moon: More Life on the Farm

by Naokohiro
Harvest Moon: More Life on the Farm
Enjoy a new, interesting and unique Harvest Moon experience.
Keywords: harvest, moon
Okay, so I have brought my newer Harvest Moon game out for testing.
It's in the very early stages, and at this point is more of a tech-demo.
(Currently being hosted 24/7.)
It's a pretty unique game, I think.
It's turning out well so far.
I think people who liked my last game will like this one too.
Wintacular. It works like it should. I don't like the way the stamina bar is though. I think it should be on the game screen itself.
I might consider putting it on the game screen.
It's not a big thing to change.
And, actually, since there is some issues with the text overlapping, it might be better suited on the game screen.