Keywords: motivation
Imagine, if you will, that you set yourself up to create a relatively complex game. Complex enough to be relatively beyond your ability to visualize in its entirety, but you're determined to take it one step at a time.

Sooner or later, you reach an impasse. You've got the framework done, but now you need to start making some hard decisions about which of your really cool ideas you want to do.

After struggling with this for awhile, you come to realize that this will involve a leap of faith and acceptance of whatever consequences arise from it.

However, even enacting this solution carries a hitch: you still need to decide which of these leaps of faith you'd like to commit yourself to first.

A trailer of a game I bought, Precursors. It's not quite the game I want to make, but it's a whole lot closer than anything else.

Having sat in cognitive dissonance for so long, it becomes hard to focus on the project. Nature itself rebels, the brain running off on wild procrastinatory tangents rather than allow itself be chained to such a difficult task.

Before you know it, whole days are lost to idle browsing. You catch yourself, perhaps engage in a bit of mindfulness meditation to refocus on the here and now.

Through persistence, you feel you're finally starting to make some progress. Vacation's over, you've just about caught your second wind, and perhaps on the other end of that will be a playable game.

Then you catch a nasty head cold, the same which has laid up your brother and father with a sinus infection, but for you simply inflicts enough low-level misery to make it very hard to focus on anything.

That's been this month's development in a nutshell.
After announcing that I'd make an RPG in 2 weeks, the very next day I woke up without water in the house. I spent 12 hours that day replacing the well pump out in the snow. The pump is a large chunk of metal weighing about the same as a 6 year old, connected by a 200 foot pipe filled with water. After hauling it out, replacing it, and putting it back in - nothing. Out it comes again, test it until an hour after the sun had gone down, then back down the hole. My arms and back are sore as all hell, and I still haven't started any substantial development.

Still, better than a sinus infection.
Coincidentally, water quality was a question I was looking at over the past couple hours when I noticed it seemed to have taken on a urine yellow tinge when adequate amounts of it collect in any basin.

Turns out the flooding in our area lately has contaminated our water source somewhat with mud and whatever else. Good thing I filter and boil my water.

I'm getting over this cold, little by little. It's largely moved out of my head and into my upper back today.