This should be the case. If it isn't, find a test case and post a bug report.
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Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
It would be nice if we could report games as not being joinable, I see multiple games/servers up right now that will not let you join them, there are reported 0 players in the game(obviously) since you can't join & it has been 0 players for a long time, but even if it's unjoinable the host/people in his network might be able to join & be populated in the hub page, so it will need to be able to report a world of any size on a hub not being joinable & not just 0 players.

Also joinable games could be made not joinable by crashes & stuff & to more easily get good hub info, should be able to report crashed games as not joinable to get them gone sooner.

I don't know how feasible it is or how long it may take to get rid of the entry realistically but a good way is getting a lot of people to report it in so long & it goes down or maybe admins can take care of taking down unjoinable hub entries by testing them.
It would be a lot easier for DS/DD to report to the hub that the game is not joinable (as DD does this already when it recognizes that players cannot join).
Well DivineTraveller there have been a few posts already about DD reporting back that players can join when they really can't, I have never experienced such an issue but others apparentally have.

However, DS doing this would be nice too because then you'd know through DS if people SHOULD be able to join or not & so it shows or doesn't show on the hub accordingly through DS as well.
DS won't list a server if it can't be joined, same as DD, it just won't report the problem to the host.
There does seem to be a problem when a game shuts down it sometimes doesn't remove from the hub, but that's another issue.
Post some hubs with unjoinable servers?
It should be doing this already. If you have a test case where it isn't working, let us know.