Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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In the icon editor, if you have several dmi icon_states where the icon's size is greater than 32x32, rendering them takes forever, I believe this is due to a Windows bug? Perhaps some sections of Dream Seeker (mainly the icon editor) can have DirectX and GPU rendering as not to slow it down so much when having to redraw?
Bump. Editing larger icons is definitely super-slow, and so is editing large maps with 50% zoom.

Lol, for some reason when I reinstalled Windows XP it became much faster to me. It used to be much slower in Windows 7 for some reason.
There are some icons in my game that I've never actually seen in dream maker because they simply won't open, yet they work just fine at run-time. This really needs to be addressed.
I used to use Dream Maker for all my icons (they were small) till I realized the fail speed with larger icons. It got distressing so I just ditched it all together for other apps.
Is this... going to be answered one way or the other?
Get in line :'(