by Fantasie Productions
A multiplayer RPG based on my novel in the making ,"Fantasie"
Now despite the weird title I am in fact talking about Fantasie =D Yay W00T! Sorry, but this subject is by far one of my favorite subjects ever!

So we recently implemented the first Meos into Fantasie, Meos being the main antagonist for all players and the main drive for the story. Now the first Meos was a unique creature created by a scientist by the name of Enigma Gallavanta who tried to create the ultimate pet for his dying daughter, the result was a monster so horrifying that it can only be deemed a Final Boss and cannot be talked about at this moment.

Now this monster went through out the world of Fantasie and passed on its genetic traits to all the animals of Fantasie through touch and turned them all into Meos themselves.

The first Meos players interact with and my favorite so far is a creature called Medikitty. Now from its name you can deem its purpose. A kitten like creature that can heal.

That however isn't its only power, Medikitty has the ability to manipulate the minds of creatures around it including humans to their bidding and have them attack their enemies for them. So you could attack a Medikitty and end up fighting off a horde of peaceful AI's taken over by its evil will.

Now another update was the implementation of Death, you can now be killed after your initial Knock Out, but I was wonder. Should we have it so you simply die and get sent back to your spawn or should we have it so you remain their for a few moments being able to be healed back to life or choose to go back to your spawn? =D I want you to choose which one down in the comment area. The one with the most votes will be added in.

1: After you die you get sent back to your spawn point.

2: After you die you remain dead until one of your allies heals you or you choose to return to your spawn. [An option will pop up every so and so moments asking which you would like to do.]

-Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed that little clip of Fantasie History. G-Night.
I was thinking two as well cause I hate not getting a second chance because I was beated by some OHKO move or something, 2 would also give healers a more important place in a party.

Heh, the little guy is cute. =P
Indeed he is =D Medikitty are the nicest AI in the game, they follow you around, snuggle close, play with flowers...but the moment you hit them it's mind control time!

So, what would happen if the first Meos turned a human into one of its own kind? Perhaps a demon-like creature? =P
It would produce what I like to call a Realitie, also known as Mini Bosses. Realities are so strong that they themselves cannot be touched by meer humans and only the strong can even see them.
I agree =D Number Two might be the option we implement.

*Off Topic*
Medikitties are getting an upgrade soon for when players reach over lvl ten and go into the harder parts of the tutorial called Medicats. >...< They become scarier and cuter at the same time!