I like drawing.
When you draw, there's no limit to what you can draw. You can draw anything, everything or nothing at all. It can have any shape, any text, any pattern.
Your own imagination is the only limit. So why not give it a go?
It doesn't have to be good, it just has to be fun.
For a while.

So what do you think? Do you like drawing? Are you good at it? Ran out of paper to draw on? Will you comment on this? Ignore it? Are you even reading it? Why are you here? Am I just trying this out, or seriously blogging?

Post your thoughts. (or don't!)
You should be a psychology major.
I'm considering the possibility.

You got something to show as well?
Thank you for your comment, I found it very amusing. Becoming a BYOND member may not have been a waste of time.
Currently, no. I should get myself a deviantart account and post my drawings as well. I'll do that this weekend.

Also, I like your drawings. You seem to take your time and put your soul into each of them. Keep it up!
I am here because you posted a link in a Witches' Chess game and I do not draw because I cannot draw well at all.
Oh but I did only post it, because you asked what it was, right? I do wonder how the others have found their way to my blog.
Oh yes, I see it now. Thank you very much.
In addition to congrats on BYOND member, congrats on your 1-year BYONDiversary ;) Even if they are both a bit late.
Something to heed:

Becoming a Byond member usually entails a bad step in the direction due to its negative social nature. Not only can it be a waste of time to share ideas publicly (since hardly anybody in this community can conceive positive details), but it can (if you allow it) haunt you as a reputation for the community. Also, along with negativity, you tend to follow the "general public" here and become the same and achieve a "positive" reputation. Being an artist I find this most true, as there hardly are any here. Either they claim to be "experts" while not knowing any real fundamentals or obviously don't appreciate your existence (even with skills). This can be applied to other skills like sound/music, but no so often is it existent.

Follow my advice, draw and be creative. Don't blog/chat excessively and become the general negative community.

Yea, I really try. Thanks! Can't wait to see yours. :)

Btw, most people find blog posts since they sit on the community page throughout the course of the day clicking the "refresh" button abundantly. Don't become this, that usually means you're getting sucked into the unproductive community...
i like drawing <3<3<#
I don't like drawing, and I'm not very good at it, but is that avatar Bernkastel? :)
I love drawing, some friends say that i'm exelent at it but I know can get a lot better here is something I made some time ago:
Not bad Hawk. Like the style. Though I also started with Anime typed drawings, it will greatly improve your skill if you try some real anatomy sketching. Just a small C&C :)
Thanks for the tip, I will take a look at that later, but there are just some scathes yet, but I'm thinking of making a HQ, but don't have ay story ideia for it yet...
Thanks for your comments, all of you.
It doesn't matter whether you're good or not, can improve or not, as long as you enjoy it. That's what I think.
Neblim wrote:

Follow my advice, draw and be creative. Don't blog/chat excessively and become the general negative community.

Thank you for your advice.
I don't intend to blog every day, but I do intend to chat a lot with people.
I do not think I would ever run out of paper. I might run out of paper that lacks lines fairly quick though.
I'm going to figure out what that means.
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