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"This game is not listed because it is incomplete: not a game."
If this is going to be the case, then add a Utilities category for us to list projects as.
I know this has been requested before, multiple times, but I couldn't seem to find the related posts
I didn't really 'request' such a thing, but I did make a topic about it asking what I should list one as; forum/?id=735062&view=1&display=1

So, I've just been using a demo hub for any utilities I would release.

and it's been requested here:
There is a utility category (see: PopLava's resource center) so if a game was labeled incomplete for that reason, it was administrator error. We're working on refining the policy and showing all decisions in public to ensure that it is checked and balanced.

I have listed "Server Manager", which I assume is what you are referring to.
Tom wrote:
I have listed "Server Manager", which I assume is what you are referring to.

In this specific case, it was. However, the request still stands in general. Though, you've said a Utility category already exists, so the point may be moot.
Yeah, if there are other incomplete games that fit, I can go ahead and move them. I haven't been that clear with the policy because it's been in flux a bit. Once the slush is out in the open, it should be easy to correct errors because it'll allow for user feedback.