Mitadake High

by Devourer Of Souls
Mitadake High
Anime, horror, survival, mystery, murder, intrigue! All rolled into one little school. Ain't it fun?
1. No RA/RK/RC/RS/RE. This means you have to emote and have a well RPed reason to attack/kill/chop down a door/commit suicide/escape. Being the killer is not reason enough to attack, neither is being a psycho. Be more creative. There is an exception made if you can RP a psycho well though. You must also emote using the Death Note or helping a friend, and such.

2. No hoarding/rushing. This means you cannot have a lot of the same item, and you cannot go anywhere else than your own classroom and courtyard before the Attack Delay is off.

3. Do not metagame. You cannot use information your character wouldn't normally have. This applies to knowing about vents, about the 7th, about the Eyes and about Kira as well. Also, the "murder" in Death Note mode is suicide; you do not know anything about the Death Note and how it kills.

4. No IC in OOC or OOC in IC. Don't say or ask about things that are going on around in the round in chat. No Netspeak IC as well; things like 'lol' 'omg' 'u' and emoticons. In addition, if you aren't playing, keep to watcher chat.

4.1. This goes out the window when Ramiel appears.

5. Take care in using the Death Note in normal. I'll allow it, until Neus removes it from normal. Still needs a in-game reason.

5.1 ABUSE WILL RESULT IN DEATH NOTE'S BAN. Giving you all some leash, don't choke me with it...

6. Don't be stupid.

6.1 Don't bug me over changing the map or mode.


Copied and edited from Devion's rules. These will be changed as nessesary.

Rule 1 and 6 are fucking stupid.
gg nub.