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In cases where web servers go down or BYOND Membership bandwidth goes out, it makes sense to have multiple download locations for game files.

When editing a hub entry we should be able to set multiple download locations in an ordered list. When one fails it just tries the next.
I kinda like this idea, though it's nontrivial to setup. The software and the hub would both need to be upgraded to use such a feature. Also, there is the risk that a user will maintain one download file but not another, ending up with some conflicting versions out there.
I guess it's true some people could forget to maintain their other download locations.

How about doing something like this? Each download location also has a checkbox. When updating the version number any download location which isn't checked will be removed. In the case of that example screenshot, #1 and #2 would stay but #3 would be cleared.

Perhaps a little verification popup alerting them to any unchecked boxes when updating will be enough to prevent people from haphazardly updating their game.
Well it could be nice to have, I have seen a few games where their links are dead & now there are no more that work but eventually they will all dry up & if their gone it wont matter anymore.

However, depending on the possible list size it could take forever to try each & every one so it would only work decently if BYOND could store somewhere the failures & accumulations over time & get rid of something(a link) that hasn't worked for some time.

EDIT:Actually maybe instead not delete it but use the one which has worked the most first, going down the list based on times it worked instead. Getting rid of links might mess up things & delete it pre-maturely for sites which might just have scheduled down-time which would then make it so the developer would just put it back in every time, which could be annoying.
Giving this a bit of a bump. Having fallback links for game downloads would be great, especially for large games that will tear through your memberspace bandwidth pretty quickly.
I like this idea as well. It gives developers an extra sense of security in case of a download failure elsewhere.