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Okay, I've got a problem that I have no clue whether it's because I did something wrong, or if it's a DM issue. I made a thread on the forum to no avail, so why not get help from the community?

Download link:
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Well, I've been messing around with 16x16 worlds and converting PSe to 16x16 instead of the ugly, blocky 32x32 tiles it was using. However, I ran into a problem. Movement is lagged and glitchy as all hell.
I've tried everything from messing with the pixel_step_size to desperately checking over the interface for a missing macro of some sort.

Is there some golden rule with using tile sizes other than 32x32 that I'm missing? (aside from icon_size)
I appreciate any and all help I manage to get.


P.S. Well, seems like the CSS is down. Off to the CSS guild.
By changing the tile size to 16 and keeping the same view, you quadrupled the number of tiles in view, which may be the source of the lag. It's hard to say, though, without putting together a demo environment to test it.