Keywords: 19th, sunday, the, update
Another day, another update!

The past few days: these thing happened:

Strafe -> Walk while facing the same direction. Moonwalk your way over the map, simply by clicking ctrl + directionals.

Turn Direction -> Do lovely pirouettes by clicking shift + directions.

Forget push and pull, welcome GRAB! (Sexual intimidation or other actions following the introduction of this option is not our responsibility.) Simply grab an item/object/player and move along, no need to multi-click one button! (see previous post)

Toggle interfaces. Choose between classic window or triple custom placement fun!

New items! Without Spoiling too much, I can tell you we have two new items! *cough* Rhino's Horn and Gandalf's Staff *cough*

Ignore and unignore buttons! (We all know these'll come in handy!)

Updates Saw graphics. Most rooms have more details now once more!

That (and a couple more little things) have been added over the past months weeks days.

Hope to kill you ingame!