If you want a Byond membership then unfortunately it won't happen from me, I have pushed myself too far, i've been in and out of the red zone for too long now i'm stuck in the red and causing some serious bills.

Well i'm sorry everyone, I wont be able to help benefit Byond or support anyone else for that matter, for quite a while now.

I have asked lummy to actually restrict my abilities to buy memberships, because sometimes it comes as an unavoidable impulse to do it just to see a happy reaction from someone.

I'll still be around, someone else may reach #1 benefactor and really give memberships to those who deserve it and i may even be forgotten by the majority, but i'll still be here lol

Anyway enough of me, there are other people around here who can help out byond and everyone else,
but life's cruel, and it just isn't fair when your such a fool like me who knows he shouldn't but damn well does it anyway.

Just wanted to let people know. My benefactoring days have gone into Forced retirement
:( , We need more people like you in this World.
Although I myself have only bought a few memberships for other people then myself. Its people like you who show people really care about BYONDs financial side of things by donating ALOT of money such as you have done. So what if you cant do it any longer you have already given more then enough and everyone is thankful for it.
If only we could like Comments. :(
Thanks teka you help me out before and we all thank you

Im Kama43 my account got hacked and pass and email changed my new Key now :) if you could help me out fixing that problem that be great just send me a email at
Teka you're awesome without the memberships O.O Just cause you can't give them anymore doesnt make you less of an awesome person.
Well, i think, well most of us think that you made a lot of people happy and you supported a lot the byond community. I don't need a membership to be friends, since the effort that you put to help eachother it's sufficient for us.
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Well actually, yea teka you need to take a break you been going hard on memberships for to long. even i know when i cant be spendin to much money. but still your a fucking legend
Stop being an ass rod! You've done more than enough for Byond as a business and even more for the community! :]
Asakuraboy wrote:
Stop being an ass rod! You've done more than enough for Byond as a business and even more for the community! :]

ok im confused is that an insult or a complement o.0
When I get a job (when lol... IF!), and I buy a membership, we can try get it added to your "benefactor input" if "benefactor input" makes any sense. :O
Teka, you may not know me, but I'm a weirdo who stalks you <3

I've noticed your good deeds over time and would love to let you know you won't ever be forgotten. You're one of the rare people I see who actually cares for someone who you don't really know. The whole idea of helping someone not known to yourself is just.. amazing. Your generosity has brought joy to countless people on BYOND. The whole idea of helping people even when you yourself are in financial trouble is ... I can't think of a single word to describe my thoughts. It's usually help yourself and then help others. You're different. The word "nice" is an understatement. You're a remarkable person. I truthfully pray you get out of any hard times. You will not be forgotten. I'm sure of it.

Good luck~
Psssssh, totally get Kingstone to bail you out! Providing he can by 51% control of you!
I think we should start a 'help out Teka' fund right now. You have a lot of supporters Teka. If we all donate as little as $1 will it help you out? :)
If I ever setup a PayPal account and get a job, I'll try helping out giving funds based on the two memberships you have donated to me in the past. I might even help further to get you out of the red. Right now, I need to get a job.
Teka, you've done more than anyone could have asked for. If it weren't for you, I don't think we'd be where we are today, if at all. Keep your chin up, buddy.
I'd throw down $10 towards a Teka fund. If he gets on to confirm, then lets get this crackin' for sure.
WE LOVE TEKA! Thx again. You know what I mean >:D
I'm always in the "Red Zone". :(
I'm down for $200
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