It's the time of the season for updates!


The hub entry contains the complete rundown of the changes but these are the two big ones:

1. Macros are handled differently. Instead of including a .dmf file that defines key press and key release macros for the arrow keys (among other keys) the library now creates these macros at runtime. I am not 100% sure that this will always work, but it increases the flexibility of the library because you can switch to a different .dmf file without losing the essential keyboard input.

2. A new demo was added called "movement-demo". It contains some very simple ways to create new types of movements (wall climbing, wall jumping, and flying).


MyNameIsSylar posted a comment on my blog the other day asking about this library. I'm fairly certain this was the first indication that someone has downloaded and used the library (and after just 5 months!) so I felt compelled to at least open the project up again. The two big changes here are:

1. Replaced with to make a change similar to change #1 for my Sidescroller library. Macros are now added dynamically so you can use whatever interface file you'd like.

2. To address what MyNameIsSylar asked about, the icon procs were changed to work for any sized icons, not just 32x32. Edit: I just posted a small update which, among other things, fixes this feature.
God, you're amazing with almost everything. Art and programing, and your libraries all have the same feel. Your Games, and libraries, Are art itself.

Best in my opinion would be, Exordium in Terminus, It has the art of a game capable of being on Xbox Arcade.

Thanks for being so cool, Forum_account. :)

I think there is one problem though... I checked out the new rotation procs and the for() loops still only iterate to 32... so then I tested it and realized it cuts off all icons to 32x32. I think you might have forgotten to put in the new code by mistake? :S ( And yep, I made sure to uninstall the library then re-downloading it )
@MyNameIsSylar: The Fade and Rotate procs were okay but there was a problem with my GetPixel proc in If you look at the proc you'll realize right away what the problem is (it had 32 hardcoded in there instead of I.Width and I.Height). I updated the library but didn't increment the version number so you'll probably have to delete your local copy to get the update.

@Dakumonki: Thanks, I'm glad you like my work. Some of the libraries could use some cleaning up (Interface and Handy Stuff), but what I'd really like to work on next is adding more levels to Exordium & Terminus or getting back to A Miner Adventure.
I deleted the local version and downloaded it again. All the code is still the same. I manually added Icon.Width() and Icon./Height() to the GetPixel() proc but rotate() and fade() still cut off at 32x32. I would change the for() loops myself but I'm not sure what other variables to change along to accommodate it and by how much.
Ok, I think I realized what it is but won't have time to fix it tonight.

Each icon operation starts with an original icon and generates a new one. The new icon is initialized using blank.dmi, which is 32x32. I'll have to figure out a way to generate a blank icon of the size of the input icon.
I have an idea. A 1x1 blank icon Scale()d to Icon.Width()xIcon.Height()(and then cached, or does it cache internally?) would work.
I still think you really aught to add some sort of clinging mechanic for walking down slopes.
I'm not sure if it's on my end (my BYOND version hasn't been updated in a while), but I gave your Sidescroller library a run, and the macros were behaving oddly: I couldn't jump up and left, but I could jump up and right (the game did not register left+up+space simultaneously).

Edit: this this is only true for the arrow keys. I can jump up and left with the numpad fine.
That's just a limitation of keyboard input. In Exordium & Terminus I think I used Z for jump to avoid this problem.

I'm not ruling out small changes to other projects, but Sidescroller has hogged enough of my time right now. I would like to have that clinging feature though.
Ah, how annoying.
With the debugging enabled in the sidescroller library the statpanel will show you which keys are pressed. You can check this to find key combinations that work well together.

Sylar, if that method works then that's probably what I'll go with. Thanks for the idea. Caching is another problem I can worry about separately.
Make a library for your dynamic shading used in your mining game. Please =)
I've put a lot on my plate already so I don't want to commit to much more work, but I did recently start working on A Miner Adventure again. I'll polish up the lighting and water systems for my own purposes. Depending on how that goes, I might release a demo of each at the very least.
Hey forum, when are you going to update A minor(no pun intended) Adventure, i am devoted to hosting this game and the people who join my game say "hes not going to update anything unless we play it" try to improve the water systems and work on more types of scaffolds like steel scaffolds steel scaffolds are immune to cave ins but can be destroyed by bombs a steel scaffold can be built with D
I have many projects and not a lot of time to work on them. Most of my projects will get updates eventually but I tend to budget the most time to projects that people use. It's not a hard requirement that people must play the game for it to be updated, but seeing people play A Miner Adventure does motivate me to work on it again. Unfortunately, it doesn't put more hours in the day so I can't make any promises about when an update might come. All I can say for sure is that an update is in the works.