"Four words to choke upon! Look. At. Me. Now!"
-Four Words(to choke upon) by Bullet For My Valentine

To those who cared and/or appreciated Pokemon Serenity(PSe) - I'm sorry but the game has been discontinued. the constant problems with the interface and the spontaneous unresponsive map control, the time wasted, pointless storyline, and the entire 'lame' feel to the game was too much.

Visser Three(the co-developer) will be producing a similar game of the same name within the year. Unfortunately the source was deleted before considering the idea of open-sourcing it. Oh well.
I thank each and every person who followed the games' short development history. I also apologize to everybody who had hope in the game. Who knows- Maybe I'll get around to producing something original?

The demo will still be up for public download here:

Until next time,

Sorry guys, nothing we can do now. I will be working on it from what I can do. Hopefully Pokemon Serenity's name will still go strong with or without you. This seemed to be a ragequit moment for Kumorii and there is no turning back now.
So that's your answer to your problem? Lets quit because something wasn't as easy as I anticipated. Throw away countless hours of work because something got difficult. Here's a simple solution: Grab your balls and work around it.
Wasn't only that.
Like I said, it was frustrating, going nowhere and had no set direction.
I is sad.