DMM Suite

by IainPeregrine
The DMM Suite provides saving and loading of map files in BYOND's native DMM map format.
Keywords: dmm_suite

I've updated my old dmp_reader and dmp_writer libraries and combined them into the Dmm Suite.

Like the previous libraries, the Dmm Suite defines one object which provides simple but powerful procs for saving and loading in BYOND's native dmm file format. Upgrading from the other libraries to the Dmm Suite should be a simple matter of renaming a couple objects, and it will still work perfectly with older dmp files (it's the same format, they just changed the name).

A new feature has been added to the reading proc. Now you can supply a z-offset to start reading the map onto.

If you have any other suggestions, now's the time to tell me about them on the forum. You can also report any bugs or unexpected behavior.
;) I've been waiting for this. Iain, you are probably my favorite developer on BYOND.
You should contact Lummox to see if this can be used in the Cartridge Classic- the original post said the library list could be added to.
Additionally, can you provide a link to the zip? The BYOND hub gets butchered for Linux users.
Don't all hub entries now have a link to the zip right at the top?
Yeah, I'm not sure what Airjoe is talking about, works fine on my linux machine.