DePaul (in Chicago) canceled all classes for today and tomorrow (and potential Thursday) due to the inbound blizzard.

I'm looking forward to the thunder snow, it sounds epic (borderline pun, sorry!)

Now I can finally catch up on my homework (Hah, yea right!)
I had never heard of 'thunder snow' until about five days on the news and I was like, "That's some sexy shit!".

I wish we'd get some of that snow..
Maryland isn't getting anything, unfortunately. ]:
Yea, I live in Michigan and where I'm at were due to get 18-24 inches of of snow. Fun fun!
Yep, I'm in Chicago too and not going anywhere. No work for a couple days sounds great to me.
It's funny because you guys only close school when the weather is like this severe. Where I'm at, they close school even if it's like 1 or 2 inches of snow, and God forbid we get like a foot of snow. The entire city shuts down. And then everyone drives at like 10 miles per hour down the street. I swear these southerners take snow too seriously.
There's no blizzards in Arizona. :( Our low this week was about 60 degrees, and that's probably pushing it.
We got a snowday too (oshkosh, northernish wisconsin). Too bad this is the first week of the semester :D
Well, we got snowed in:

It also looks like I've got Thursday off, too >:)
Hawaii is getting nothing but sun.