Well, a number of things are going on now. First off, I'm in the process of packing to move this weekend. Finally moving away from Chicago, and into a city close to it. Getting back with my children's mother, so life should be a bit easier with the kids and such. It's been almost 2 years since we've been split. We've had time to mature on our own, and take life a bit more serious in the work/financial field. Looking forward to it, and starting over.

In todays news, we are under a blizzard alert. This goes for most of the Midwest, and surrounding states. So I managed to stock up on alcohol, food, and the will to do an all out pixel fest for my upcoming project I'm developing with Lige. Supposed to get from 18 - 22 inches of snow, plus ice under the layers. I wont be going to work even though our manager told us to "stop whining" about it. Yeah... I'm good, I'd rather lose $80 for a night of work, than owe $500+ for car damages. We're supposed to be kept in-doors for the next 2-3 days. Fun? Lol...

Moving on... I'm working on an interesting original project with Lige. It's an Action/RPG hybrid. I can compare it to a mix of Rival Schools & Avatar if that makes sense. It's not Anime, but I suppose some might see it as one. When I compare it, I mean the theme is a battle of three schools that teach a specific element to their students, as well as Martial Arts to compete in a tournament to determine who the best school is. There is a lot more to this concept, but I must be brief, due to not wanting to spoil the goods.

Other than that... nothing else much going on at the moment. Until next time. Peace out.
I like how alcohol was the first on the list :D