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Would it be possible to have some more specific debugging for runtime errors? For example, say I have two files:


..and I get an error in some proc in players/, would it be possible for the runtime error to say "runtime error: foo at line 97 in players/" (as opposed to just It looks like this is possible since the .dme keeps track of all of the files, but I don't know if it's possible to tell them things related to their folders, too.
No, it doesn't tell you the folder, just the file. If I have two files of the same name, for whatever reason, they won't report which folder they're in, even though it's often simple to figure out, it may not always be the case.
When DEBUG is defined, include full (relative to project directory) paths to code files, rather than just the file name itself.

In our codebase, we have a layout like this:


When an error occurs, we have to investigate which file it actually was. Having full paths would improve error information. :)
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This would be very helpful.

I've ran into this very same issue with a bug which was in code/social/ but I kept checking code/HUD/
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Bump. This is still relevant for the same reasons, but hasn't had any official response.
It looks like the compiler is just saving the file name without any path info. I'll have to take a look at where this is done and whether it's an easy fix. It depends on how the file name is kept internally.