Take on the life of Digimon Tamer and test your mettle against all the challenges of the Digital World.

After a long, and undeserved period of absence, Digital World Story is back online, and will remain that way.
Not into digimon but good luck XD
Please come back,

or atleast give the source to someone (would like the old version of digital world story many people liked the old one more) hope you still have any of them because i really want this game back, and i would like you back too vanner,
you were the reason i played byond while i was not allowed. You are the best man.

I hope you will ever see your way back in this game. You were our inspiration, you were my inspiration, to get back on byond. i hope i will be your inspiration to get you back. for the people which you make the game for, for the hardcore fans that wil support you forever.


Your greatest fan, in times of Digimon: Digital World story known as James Akushi
Yo, this is Vanner. I've been sitting around doing a little bit of everything for a very long time now, and I'm ready to get back on my feet. And what I mean by that is, I want to bring Digital World Stories back. Yes, that's right, I'm going to put forth and effort to return your beloved game to the public. There will be some serious changes, though. And those changes are going to involve things recommended by you guys. We're going to try our best to give you back the Digimon experience you love, in a way you'll love it.
But sadly, this isn't going to be free. True, there will be no money of any sort involved, but I'm going to need a big favor from you guys. I'm going to need people who can icon. Yes, people who can actually make custom icons just for the game. That's all I'm asking from you guys. So, if you have the skills and are interested, or know someone with the skills that would like to help the movement, then please go to my page and tell me about it.

To all my fans and supporters, thank you for reigniting my love of Digimon and my desire to provide enjoyable games to the people.

~ The Big V
YES!! YOU LISTENED TO ME!! Or you didnīt but thank you, i will be online for a really long time. Vanner really, thanks
when i click on New on login screen its unresponsive i tried the stuck at login button it doesnt work please help :/
Go to the commands and then login :D i had the same problem first too
This game has nothing to do with digimon savers...
We're really sorry for the downtime, the staff has a lot of important issues to deal with, we promise we'll get it up as soon as possible.
Is this game still in development or it has just been discontinued?
We're still in development, I assure you. Updates come in almost every day.
Why do you ask?
I was just offering myself to help with the game, but anyways that was long ago.
Still, if you need any code assistance am here.
I appreciate the offer. Is there any way I can contact you by?
hey umm i reallyy wanna try this game buttt the host banned me may you please ask him to unbann me
You're not banned..
im banned permant he didnt remove me yet
No, we've got nothing on you John. It must be your key.
Good game
Good game
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