by SuperAntx
Take part in an epic battle over a colored piece of cloth.

Poll: What is your favorite type of map theme?

Beach 10% (13)
Desert 8% (10)
Industrial 10% (13)
Jungle 22% (27)
Urban 12% (15)
Snow 26% (32)
Other 8% (10)

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Patch 1.5 is here, it deals mostly with boring back end stuff nobody really cares about. I added a poll though!

There's a new timestamp format for log files which should hopefully make them less cluttered and easier to read. After shifting through a bunch of them it's more of an update for me specifically, but it's also better for server administrators who want to check their connection logs. Updates to the master server will now be logged.

I've also modified the way servers report in to the master server for listing. Or more accurately, they no longer report in at all if their visibility is set to 0. Server administrators who no longer wish to appear on the BYOND hub will no longer show up on the off-site listing or in-game listing.

Flashbangs have been altered slightly. The self-damage range has been reduced, this means you can stand closer to your own flashbang as it goes off without blinding yourself. If you stand at least one tile away you will still go blind. There's also a temporary movement delaying effect. Anyone going blind will have their movement speed lowered for a few seconds.

There are a few other changes, you can read the full patch notes here or on the Decadence website.
I tried this game for the first time today. Originally I had thought it was going to run terrible since lol byond and not be all that entertaining, but after playing a few rounds I realized how wrong I was.

This game is extremely fun and a very good example of what BYOND is capable of. Kudos to you for making this awesome game sir. :O

Edit: i am extremely tired so my grammar is failing me

In regards to the poll, I'd have to say my favourite map theme would be a snowy level. An endless blanket of white covering your surroundings, a thick snowy haze slowly drifting down above head, and nothing but cold silence around you. ...or something. Snowww.
Question regarding your idea on the movement after a flash bang: Why did you decrease it?

I don't think it was necessarily broken to try to run around all over the place to try to dodge grenades and lower enemy accuracy when I got blinded.

Was this simply a ploy to get people to use them more?
Gotta say I love myself a nice industrial feeling in a map. Although I can see why a snowy map would be much easier to create from an art point stand of view ;P
More often than not I was able to kill people wasting time by throwing a flashbang than they were able to kill me while I was blind.
What does that have to do with anything though? I'm not necessarily criticizing the change, I'm more interested in what you are expecting this will change.
Well, the way I see it if someone can't move as well while they're blind that makes them an easier target. If you see a flash grenade your objective should now be to get out of the blast radius rather than eat the flash and try to remember where the enemy was standing.
I see. Looking forward to it!
Jungle all the way
Note: If anyone who updated to 1.5 finds they still have the 1.4 games files, you can get the 1.5 files here.
Nobody has made a map on an active volcano yet. with gas masks and smokescreens to conceal people, and flowing lava.

...just sayin.
Little Boxes
I agree with Pmitch, a volcanic region with random eruptions and spewing lava or a mine excavation with cave ins shown via screen shaking would be pretty cool.

Though a snow map would be more nifty to see first than the others.
A War World 2 style Theme park would be neat lol,tank bumper cars a mirror house and card board attack dummies(don't really attack you but you get that impression) of course these things could be good for stealth tactics ;)