Maybe your game is being hosted on two or more servers and you want to facilitate conversation between them. Or maybe you want your players to instantly receive notifications of new posts in your game's forum. Or maybe you just want to say "hi" to your friends logged into another game without leaving the one you're playing now. Or maybe you want to chat with your forum buddies while playing an unhosted, single-player game. All of this and more is now possible thanks to the Terulia Forum Service (TFS) and Terulia Relay Chat (TRC) systems.

How does it all work?

The TRC and TFS both rely on BYOND key authentication. This means that when you visit the Terulia Forum Service at, you can login securely using your BYOND key and password without any additional registration steps. Once you have "created" a TFS account (by simply logging in), you will be automatically linked to your forum account whenever you join, host, or play any game that utilizes the TRC client library. You may then use the integrated TRC chat client interface to chat with other users and to receive real-time notifications from forums to which you have subscribed (e.g. new posts, new private messages, etc.).

You can find additional information on Terulia Relay Chat by reading the TRC client library's hub entry. Instructions for implementing TRC in your projects are included within the library's README file. In addition, I hope you will consider making your primary forum service. If the TRC benefits alone aren't sufficient to win you over, maybe some of the other details listed in [ this topic ], including the incredibly fast page generation times and the full-feature private messaging system, will give you something to think about.

When you're ready to give it a try, visit to get started. Click the Browse link to see the list of public forums or use the Search feature (must be logged in) to look for topics of interest. Once you have found a forum you want to join, you can subscribe with a single click. If you don't see any forums of interest, it is incredibly easy to make your own.