Rise Of Heroes

by Xerse
Rise Of Heroes
Rise of Heroes, the ultimate BYOND RPG. Battle hordes of monsters through caves, forests, and dungeons while exploring a vast world full of treasures!
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To start as soon as you play the game is a bit confusing, but in later updates there WILL be a noobie area explaining your very first quest! The game has good balance so no class has any unfair
advantages so you can pick anyone you want just because there cool. bugs have been taken care of! (Don't worry I ran into them for you!. The first thing I noticed after initial loggin is that game owner specializes in working with the players. This is crucial because it adds a chance at making your opinions heard and increase the fun level. Normally id ding a game for grinding but the skills are so fun its worth that tiny amount of battle to gain levels! and as a prize for hitting level 90 you can skin edit yourself to look like your favorite characters! I myself chose princess Zelda. There is some monster recycling however with ever next location there are a few newer enimes balancing this out. I want to leave some suprises for you guys so ill leave you with that I rate the game a solid 8/10

*Explination of FIRST Quest* If you try to leave town one to enter the forest you will die period. you must first complete town one's quest. You will need to enter town one's noobie cave and read FOUR tablets one tablet per a room. (To read them double click them) After reading the tablets you will have to visit the four npc shops *Excluding the INN witch dos not do anything other then heal you* Shop one will have a sword on it shop 2 will have a shield and the magic shop is a man standing next to a well in front of the inn and the last shop is the potion shop. The potion shop is very important in the fact that it is also where you turn the quest in.

Noobie class guide. http://xerseproductions.blogspot.com/
This review is for Ripperman5's verison of RoH