Suukou Faita-

by Branks
Suukou Faita-
An action role playing game based around martial arts and superficial powers.

Current Status:

Are you interested in Suukou Faita? In order for it to see the light of day... I require a programmer who is knowledgeable in DM. With your help, we can make this a reality. refer to my help topic here.

Branks (Game Designer, Programmer, Graphics, Pixel Artist)

Talented programmers that are comfortable with DM and want to create an entertaining game... Contact me.
Just letting anyone with an ounce of care know that I'm taking up the programming... Please note that it'll play like complete amateur trash, but at least I'll be making progress. Wish me luck!
Looks interesting, please allow me to test this whenever you get an alpha up or something
Any sort of testing that occurs will be public.
The new screenshot/mockup looks totally amazing.
Indeed... Thanks.
Hell yea ! XD
Looks a-lot better than Xenoverse(PC) I'll tell you that. Lets hope you stick to the small bases.
There are actually two different sizes for the base. Child and Adult. There will be a growth system...
In response to Branks
Yeah I remember you stating that awhile back. The smaller ones look better in my opinion. It just feels better to be honest but it's your game. I prefer small bases big weapons, spell effects, the world feels better too especially for a BYOND game.
I agree, but 5 pixels taller doesn't really change anything too much. Plus, you don't have to grow if you don't want to. You can remain a child for the duration if you choose. it's all about choice.
In response to Branks
Cool with me