I'm about to win cook of the year in the restaurant where I work. Yes, I'll be getting a trophy, a raise and a 50$ bonus.

Because I am awesome.
You disappointed me, Tony. Now I'm going to have to be the one to make a Superbowl post. :(

On-Topic: Congratulations! =]
I also work tonight at 4. :(

I'm rooting for the steelers though.
Evi of au wrote:
I'm rooting for the steelers though.

You better be! I can't root for the Packers after they beat the Eagles out of the playoffs.
No you're not, dude don't lie.

Sorry, had to do it. Congrats man! :)
Congratulations Evi of au! :D
a $50 bonus for an "of the year" reward? cheapskates
Can you cook a medium rare steak to absolute perfection? If you can, I'm there.
I try not to be too cocky, but I'm the best cook where I work. I serve the best quality at the fastest speed.

And yes, I'll cook you a steak to whatever temp you want it at.
lol good on ya Evi...
Late, but Congrats man.