My server from ATP is giving me issues, again.
If it doesn't come back up for a while, I will still update again sometime this week.

Whether or not the game will be hosted is currently unknown to me.

Until stuff happens, Ciao!
Taken care of.
Glad to see this is back. I haven't played since the server deleted all our save files, but I'm willing to start over as long as I can play again.
Hey you no on pokemon online world when can we get to the gym leader and get cut
goku , you can't , wait for an update.
sorry im a bad when it comes to waiting :)
yeah, waiting isn't my strong spot either, also, were you getting BS on the suggestions? because it won't let me post...
Great job hope for more soon hope the next update includes trades, gems, and more pokemon
Yay an update! Woot! Just keep up the good work man =D. Hope there will be more updates in the near future as well. Your game is great!
Noticed some people got medals yesterday, anyway to get on as my beyond is just saying failed again /sad face
i cant open the rock-paper-scizzors gym how i can open it?
i cant play so i dont know how the game is so i cant rate it i need so help
Well i just cant wait till the updates come and the game is back up. It was like pokemon form the ds or gameboy and it brought back memories.