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The ability to un-anchor all selected items would be a nice addition next to the anchor button. After messing up my fair share of times, it becomes really apparent having to remove all of the anchors one by one is excessively tedious.
This has been suggested before but I can't find it.

Also, add a button to temporarily disable all anchors.
Yeah, I looked for it too, but couldn't find it, so I posted it again.
Na, I'm pretty sure Tib's the one who asked for it. Might have been on a regular thread.
lol well mine is pretty much the same request, and was posted just a few hours before this one.
Hmm, well, I'm more in favor of a temporary unanchor option rather than a way to straight up clear all anchors.
I'd like both, but at least this before that.
bump. This could really come in handy.
There's an anchor all button, which is really handy, but if you want to resize the actual window (As opposed to ofsetting all the elements in it) to have to un-anchor every element by hand.

It would be nice to have an "Un-Anchor" selection button.
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Anyone seeking more info might also check here:
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I should really learn to use the search function, but you just can't get angry at cheeky cheeky Rob.