This update pretty much focuses on the HUD for Edreoll, as it will be of the most importance on account of no other window controls being open (besides a chat box of course).

A lot of things were patched up, and I was finally able to finish up player save objects in readable form. It looks a bit like XML, and I do not have a file to show you right now. Maybe next update.

However, the point of the easy-read files is to be able to edit them if one needs to. All data is written in the form of letters and numbers. Nothing else. One might think that this can be a hassle, but really all things are just copies of other objects. Most items in the game will be stored in a global array (where their index can be their ID).

I really look forward to more development with this game.

DISCLAIMER: The person icon in this screenshot is not mine. It is from Shining Force II. I don't have a solid player icon yet.

It looks like the different pieces of artwork have conflicting light sources.
Hadn't noticed that before : o I see what you mean now.
It was cool walking around. I don't get whether you can actually do anything or not, though.