The title says it all! As you all (should!) know, we're working on Zombie Survival mode (amongst other stuff)for v3.0. Now, the current setup is this:
You spawn once, zombies keep spawning. In the end: massacre!

But how would you like it? As we are new to zombie stuff, how would you enjoy zombie survival most? What would you like to be able to do to those nasty undead? Big map, small map, guns only, all sorts of items?

All ideas are welcome! You can comment here or post them on the forum, which you can access by clicking here, here, here, here, even here, somewhere here, but not here! Actually, that last here was valid too!
:D YAY! Well if I had to include my two-cents I would say Big Map, but not so big you never see another zombie or another player.

Add a trip verb! I have always told my friends,"If there is a Zombie invasion...I love you but the moment we start running I am going to trip you." ":D We all know we would, sacrifice is the true meaning of friendship.

Also anything could be a weapon! Zombies are fragile! I wanna see flying frisbees of doom and tennis rackets of destruction!!!

That is all.
Good lord, do we really need more zombie shooters?

I would enjoy zombie survival most if there were... no zombies. Maybe an original monster and some sort of twist. Like, instead of just mindlessly shooting off hoards of them, maybe have like 3 "safe-towers" and the objective is for the players to find those towers and protect them against the monsters that are trying to tear them down. If you are unable to find and protect the towers and the monsters destroy them, you lose.

I have no idea if this would fit into Sunday the 19th, but my point is just anything but the exhausted Resident Evil-type gameplay.
We have a wide array of weapons yet, from simple knifes to batarangs (of doom, if you prefer)

As for another zombie shooter: Zombies are only a small part of the total game. It's something that has been requested since the beginning of S19, so we don't dare to disappoint.
I would like it so the zombies were the classic mindless monsters which just walked around slowly and were attracted to sounds and movement, so once they spot you then they'd chase but you could break their sight and they'd be confused and slowly wonder off (maybe you could hide in odd places)

There would be a huge variety of zombies, since they are just the towns residence which has suffered some horrible fate.

Perhaps the area could be just a medium sized town there could be a river, houses, police station, church, fuel station.

So you could dive into that river and swim to the other side, the zombies would kind of be confused about water and not go into it.

You could get into buildings and barricade doors with crates or furniture or stuff you find and hold up, but of course the longer you stayed in a place like that the more would be attracted to you and break in quicker.

I'd like any objects lying around, if it was a town you could go into houses and find things like crow bars, bats, tennis rackets, knifes, hammers, hand guns, and other misc stuff.

You could get into a police stations raid the stock take fire arms, maybe venture into some Chinese takeaway place and find a katana, things like that sound cool to me.

The church could be a safe zone where players could go to hide, but of course.. what if some other player with really good items is there, maybe you'd kill him to take his stuff?
the safe zone could turn out to be a dangerous place? and if you stay in there too long some advanced zombie would shoulder barge the door catch you and run out the other side of the wall and slam you against the ground. maybe? lol (just saying church shouldn't be a permanent hideout)

If the zombies were sensitive to sounds and movement perhaps there could be things when you run past it you could knock it which would make a lot of noise like a rubbish(trash) bin, it'd clatter and attract their attention, so maybe a walk and run option to try and sneak past them if they were facing you they'd spot you anyway but if they were facing another direction and a certain amount of tiles away maybe you could slowly walk(sneak) by?

Zombie survival mode could be different to the other Round games and anyone can join the round as long as theres 2 people still alive perhaps? i think the scoring should be something along the lines of point per zombie kill and point per survival time, and you don't gain survival time points in the church.(you'd need to make it so people only have one shot at joining that round with their key and they cant multi key) kind of like an ip round ban.

well i hope i gave you an idea at least?
i would like variety of zombies like a zombie without legs, a fat zombie a normal zombie a kid zombie etc.

Then i would like that if you dont move or talk(OOC&say) the zombies dont notice.

and another would be some kinda cloak or suit that makes the zombies think u are one of them until you take it off or attack them(like walking dead when the principal character goes with the chinese from the house to a van and they are covered in raw meat and all that shit)

and a tackle button to tackle friends and let the zombies eat their brain :D

edit: ohh and doors to open and close and places like teka said, church police station gas station...
I want some kewl special items to use like zombie spray that makes me undetectable for a few minutes. >:D
Or a zombie spray that when you spray other people zombies are attracted to them instead of you.
Or both?:D
Well, First THIS IS JOSH lol... But, a medium sized map with a main area maybe with weapon stash or a place to reload with barricades and I would like there to be maybe like Knives(Variety Lol), Katanas, Guns, Bombs, Maybe chainsaw? lol. And for more on the map there could be buildings like a House of horror that could either have fake zombies or somthing like that pop out of the floor or somthing and as you go on some ways in there is the exit but have a trapdoor near there when you get out there are fences maybe to hold zombies out of the back entrance so a player wouldn't be trapped in maybe have like a Minivan or somthing full of weapons at the end =D I am not sure just wanted to post well that is an idea xD.
:O I wanna chainsaw too

And zombie spray!
Maybe make it similar to Call of Duty with waves of zombie and enough time to make pairs between waves? Maybe power ups and methods of upgrading your weapon?

I'm quite digging most of what Teka said.

Ahh it sounds like something i'v watched somewhere..

My opinion is every good zombie flick needs a chainsaw, as well as a machete, baseball bat, hockey bat, and even a frying pan, And i'd like a flame thrower.

This is my opinion, make it so zombies can climb threw windows and break down doors and you gotta use whatever furniture in the building to try and block those entrances, each time a zombie tries to get in ya could simply make it so whatever is blocking either gets damaged or slowly moved, and you would manually have to run back to it and try and push it back into place, but for each person it takes 3 zombies to push harder than you or something.

Every zombie should eventually become smarter maybe ones which have eaten more brains and gained some intelligence or just simply experienced enough to regain some common sense and can actually open a door!, OMG how Frightening!

Killing the zombies should be pretty easy and have low life, but since more and more would keep coming you'd run out of resources so it'd be hard, i also think zombies should be docile creatures but when they see their next food source turn into wild, fast, man eating monsters to give the player that sense of horror as they approach at such a scary speed. perhaps items could be dropped while running to hamper the zombies etc.

As for the zombie spray? huh, More like... do it Shaun of the dead style, walking slowly, along side the zombies, arms out stretched going Auuurghhh
Maybe put a bit of rotten blood on yourself, then you'd have to walk, if you ran then the zombies would attack you seeing as you were running for no reason.

I gotta say I'm loving the comments about zombie mode!

We're taking all ideas into consideration during the development of this massive mode so please keep them coming if you have more ideas.

If you think you have too many ideas to post here please feel free to post them in the Suggestions and Ideas section of our forum!
ok so im saying chu shuld have a platform zombie game bye
What i think is that you should have two separate game modes. One of the modes could be named:Horde,and the name gives it all away,Survive endless waves of zombies. More waves = More zombies,Simple enough. (Needs to be on a different map other than cinema)

The second mode could be called Quarantine. Maybe either on a hospital type map,or the regular cinema (Doesn't really matter)1/3 of the player size (Or w/e u wish) start as an infected (Zombie) and the goal is to infect all other humans. There will be a time limit for the zombies to infect all other humans. (Obviously the health/damage needs to be varied to make it fair) and with that said,if the humans survive until the time ends,they will be awarded the killstatus of all zombies alive. Zombies will be awarded 1 killstatus per infected kill they get.
Other features:
There needs to be more ranged weapons,maybe a starter pistol with unlimited ammo,and sorta like CoD:Black Ops you get awarded points for the amount of time alive and the amount of kills you get (Both modes) also,don't forget to make it cost less points to gain more ammo for a different gun.
I have to say there are far too many good ideas here. I think we'll have to make an entirely new game separate of S19

Call it something like Undead Outbreak Dead Evil the 20th

This mode is gonna be huge!

Anyways... Need to get back to work on 3.0, not 3.1!
Xuiryus,you should make it part of the interactive world you were talking about earlier either as a event,or just a hazard that happens randomly
make an actual survival game where you dont buy weapons. you find them or trade with other players or npcs. and your character isnt some ridiculous tank that is damn near impossible to kill. if you get bit then in a matter of time you become infected yourself. no unlimited ammo either thats just silly. also you can barricade areas for a safe house. no weapons that you wont actually find on the type of map. you know stuff like that. also melee weapons should be in there.