I am just wondering what happened to some people who were pretty active four or five years ago. People such as XxDohxX, WorldWeaver, Kunark, DerDragon, Wizkidd0123, Spuzzum, etc. Have they just vanished and someone how broke BYOND's curse, or simply lurking around under another key?
Only person I'm interested in is DerDragon because of his awesome Bomberman game.
Well I still talk to Der, he's working on his Coggoid system, it's almost comparable to a 3D BYOND, oh and his Bomberman series is pretty much done. He sent me the source to his second game, and it doesn't seem like BYOND can handle it.

Other then that most of us have jobs now that require all of our time, I think that's about the time when I was the most BYOND Active I've ever been.
Spuzzum is JTGibson now, isn't he?
XxDohxX - Not a clue. I miss him though.
Worldweaver - He left the community.
Kunark - Didn't he start trolling or something?
DerDragon - Coggoid.
Wizkidd0123 - Probably had better things to do.
Spuzzum - I thought he was JT as well.

[Edit: Actually, it's a bit upsetting. Most of my old BYOND buddies are gone. Lately, you are one of like 5 still here NG.]
CauTi0N wrote:
Kunark - Didn't he start trolling or something?

No. Another user has a very similar key, however.

AFAIK, he got a job in the programming industry and fell off the radar. See him on MSN occasionally though.

Wizkidd drops around from time to time, but he doesn't stay long.