My god, backgrounds can make the game look 1,000 times more beautiful.

I'm gonna be putting a lot more of these in Edreoll. : )
It looks neat, but that background has too many colors and isn't nearly as sharp as the foreground. It's like you just blurred out a high res picture.
I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this game. That demo or whatever it is to download on the hub looked and played pretty nice.
If you're interested in more backgrounds, Spiral Graphics recently posted some that are royalty free. =)
@SuperAntx: I did it in about 10 minutes. I wanted to see how it would look in the game, and I am impressed with the results.
Wooo, how pretty! I can make lots of these for you. :) What type of file do you need them to be, and how big?
Usually I would make these in Paint.NET, save them as a .png file, and then copy-paste them to BYOND's Dream Maker editor. You'd make a new .dmi file in BYOND (Dream Maker Icon) and paste it in there.