If byond wasn't so laggy I'd make a sidescrolling RPG... With bird people!

This ones pretty old, its got some years now... But It's still one of my favorite concepts.


And on a sidenote; I get the fact that some people might find my pager dark and mysterious, but the fact that they think I might be even a slightly bit "emo" makes me laugh.

Want to know who I am? I'm a thrasher. I pick the emos up and throw them in the REAL Metal mosh pits, where 6 foot tall bald dudes that just sweated off weight lifting 350 pounds an hour ago in the gym go to take out their frustrations. Yeah, it's a beautiful sight watching them spit teeth all over the floor.

Hahaha, I love being random.
BYOND too laggy for multiplayer sidescrolling? Maybe.

BYOND too laggy for single-player sidescrolling? No.
I'm not a single player game maker type of guy, I gotta make something where I can show off my epic admin skillz0rz.

But I can see the logic behind that.
Zete wrote:
I'm not a single player game maker type of guy, I gotta make something where I can show off my epic admin skillz0rz.

But I can see the logic behind that.

I guess you could make multiplayer game with no lag using forum_account's library if you had a good host and set maximum players on the server to (for example) 10.

I lag like hell whenever I use that because my computer can't handle it and this goes for a lot of people I'm sure.
ExPixel wrote:
I lag like hell whenever I use that because my computer can't handle it and this goes for a lot of people I'm sure.

You must have terrible graphic card or no installed drivers for it. It doesn't lag even a little on my 7 years old computer.

Say what!? Look at this:

Laggy? NO.
Someone was hosting A Miner Adventure earlier today and it ran perfectly fine for me over the internet. Depending on the game (the framerate, the graphical effects, etc.) you can certainly support more than 10 players in a sidescroller.

That being said, claiming "BYOND can't support it" will always be used as an excuse for not making something.
Why would I waste years of production on something that can only host for 10 players... I'm not using the "BYOND can't support it" excuse, I'm simple saying that it wouldn't be worth my efforts making something that's unplayable - or just remotely playable.

I want to squeeze a lemonade out of the lemons, not just a few drops, if that makes sense to you.

Also, Isn't the fact that me and my friend made an ISO TBSRPG Pokemon game in a few weeks enough proof of what Byond is capable of? I definetly did not limit myself there - otherwise I'd just be using everyone elses sources, rather than starting my own ideas up from scratch.
I'll bet you can host for much more than 10 players with good code and, more importantly, a decent server.
The biggest reason why games with pixel movement can't support as many players is because these games tend to require a higher framerate. This increases "lag" in two ways:

1. The client has to re-draw the screen more frequently.
2. The server has to process events and send updates to clients more frequently.

The first reason is most apparent when you're playing a game that uses pixel movement. You might think "geez, if it takes 20% of the CPU when I'm the only person here, I would only be able to support 5 players!" but that's not the case. The cost of re-drawing the screen is offloaded to all clients. You're only seeing a performance hit because you're both the server and client when you run the game locally. If you ran the server and connected a client remotely, the server's CPU usage would be much less because the drawing is handled by a remote machine, not the server.

The second reason is what will limit you. However, it's not nearly as much of a problem as people think. In the absolute worst case, doubling the framerate will cut the number of players you can support in half. The absolute worst case is when all players are within view of each other and are constantly moving. If players are in small groups in different parts of the world, performance will not be much different if there are 3 groups of 5 players or 5 groups of 5 players.

If your server can handle 100 players in a "standard" BYOND game that runs at 10 fps you should be able to support at least 40 players in a game running at 25 fps.
Zete, I counter your argument with a simple game: Pokemon.

This game is single player, and you can connect with others. That makes it so you can only have 2 players tops at a time. That is 8 less than 10, but Pokemon was and still is one of the most popular handheld games...ever.
@Albro I don't think you're onto the gist of the arguement, and I'm pretty sure I'm familiar enough with the Pokemon franchises...

@Forum_account Thanks for the brief explination, but in other hands are you suggesting that an online sidescrolling game with a high player base & high frame rates is indeed able to run smooth on this Byond engine? at the current developement level it's at? I would have to see it to believe it.

Also, I played the Pascal game - fun stuff, but I wasn not awed at all... I've seen many Megaman games on the action section pull off the same concept.
Zete, I was referring to your post about "wasting your work on a game that cannot support more than 10 players". I was using Pokemon as an example of a game that supports less than that, but it is still a huge success, therefore not a waste of work.
Pokemon is a 1 on 1 (Wifi) TB game, it would be stupid to compare it with sidescrolling gameplay - different types of game that take different amount of CPU... So again, you're way off.

Also what part of I don't make single player games on Byond do you people not understand? If I wanted to make a single player game I'd do it on RPG Maker or have a programmer friend make an engine from scratch, 'nuff said.
How am I way off when Forum_account disproved your "lag" theory?

You mentioned "high player base" in your reply to him...I find that very presumptuous. You should try to make a game at an expected player-base, not a high one. Planning for a high player-base will make you put things in the code that would only take up space if you didn't have a high player-base.
It's not presumptuos of me at all, I'm not making little ripped Naruto source edits here, as of right now my pixel art is one of the best here on byond - that's a fact - thus the games I make bring high player bases.

And this is going on in circles already with the lag theory - no it was no disproved - he actually proved my point, that Byond is too weak of an engine to handle a high frame rate game - such as that of a fighting game, or a sidescroller DONE WELL, not some single player demo made in half a day to shut some other low level Byond developers up.

Lag is an issue for any online game whether that game was developed using BYOND or not. If you blame BYOND for the limitations imposed by dealing with slow internet connections, then you're not ready to make a game. When you stop being afraid of lag, BYOND will be there to allow for the creation of your game. Until then, we'll wait patiently.
I don't see why you keep wasting your breath trying to defend Byonds reputation in dealing with lag... Everyone knows it, even the best programmed games have walking lag and such - frame rates that speed up and make you take 4 steps instead of the 2 which you inputted. I'll make my game when Byond evolves into a more stable engine, that's that :/
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