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BYOND's Bug and Feature Trackers are really well done. As a game developer I would love to have access to those systems for use with specific games. They could be "created" and linked directly from a game's hub, much the way that Members can already use BYOND's built-in forum system.

Assuming that this is doable, it stands to benefit both sides. My players wouldn't have to visit a different site and create a separate account in order to report bugs, and you'd be getting more site traffic from people who might not otherwise be visiting BYOND regularly.
Great idea, wish I wish a member so I could vote it up.

Being able to get a bug reports system up & running would be great, especially one where we can use just about every status BYOND can with these.

So if it's a problem on the hub, we can do fixed(web) or if it's a game fix we can put fixed(v.463) for example. Or if it's deferred for example, maybe you can use two things at the same time/close to the same time & make something happen but something like that would be hard to fix, maybe put deferred, if it was meant to be like that put not a bug.

There are uses for every status as far as I can tell & would greatly help improve the BYOND games if us owners could have something the same as here to work with. A few games I resorted to posting in the comments section because the game not having report bug in-game for example.
Yes, this was designed as a modular component. Should be do-able.
Wasn't this your original intention for the systems?
Yes, but it's easier to keep this stuff in private until there is a demand for it. It'll take a little work to make public, but hopefully not too much.
lol I've been waiting 2 years for it. I even attempted making my own open systems for it, but they weren't accessible enough, and never really got used. Was planning on implementing something like it directly into HU2 soon.
In light of NEStalgia's large boom, this would be incredibly useful for us. It would also direct a ton of new BYONDers to start using the actual BYOND site.
Yes, I have a plan in mind for unifying the remaining site elements. This should be a relatively easy piece to get in soon.
This is a really good idea actually. I thought about it a few times myself but I figured the tracker was reserved for BYOND itself.

If this only extends to a few games, could BYOND release an API so that those of us who have knowledge with things like PHP, it would become possible to incorporate accounts of byond to a tracker built off from the BYOND site?
Why would any of that be necessary?
Falacy, I suppose it wouldn't be necessary, if there was a manner in which to verify a byond account password. But I realized shortly after the suggestion that this issue has been discussed a few times. Forget I mentioned it.
I don't know if this was thought about being implemented soon or not but I hope it comes within the next month or two because it would help a lot as they are very nicely done.

I do realize however that the website isn't really being done right now, it's over to feature requests relating to the program now but considering how much it could help people with the problems their game has, everyone should opt to use it.
I've ran out of votes, but would love for this to be coming out soon. I have an 'internal' report system in some of my games but its totally dependent on me viewing it before the server closes down. A website based version would be helpful to cover those tracks and even act as a personal todo list.
Voted up.
Voted up. Again.
Let met put this bluntly: A feature that saves me a lifetime of slamming my head against a brick wall, because I'm more worried about programming a project rather than programming and/or designing a bug/feature system, so that I can better spend my time?

Yes please, if the BYOND team is up for it.
For everyone, not only members =(
It's $18, I'd happily pay $18 for development and project management tools that are convenient and integrated with BYOND's community.
Ocean King wrote:
For everyone, not only members =(

I don't quite think BYOND has the bandwidth to support a bug/feature tracker for every single (see: 20,000+ anime rips) game on BYOND.
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