Pokemon Z's next update is bringing the following:

o Bug fixes, cleaning of black voids in maps.
o Damage equalization, matches will ideally take longer.
o Redone Interface
o Tournament Event Challenge (1vs1, 2vs2, etc)
o Dojo Challenge - A survival mode bringing in each stage a different set of Boss(es).
o Buddy System
o New Abilities - Attacks usable once per game, categorized as ultimate abilities with various effects to bring your team into advantage when losing, or to reassure your success while winning.
o Equipments and Scrolling items to enhance them bring an economy to Pokemon Z.

Soon to come (maybe) later on:

o Dungeons in each map to alternate with and obtain rare items in.
o Buddy chatting system.
o Clubs (Guilds) and Club activities.
o Dream World.
o Giratinas Dimension.
o Item Crafting.
o Player vending store carpets.
o Emoticons extras.

We'll have some more dimensions to the game, it looked a bit flat.

Give us some feedback if you wish on the next updates that will be featured through the beta testing of Pokemon Z! it'll be our indefinete opening, therefore from then on we won't be wiping or bringing the game down (as long as we don't have to for some heavy reason).

P.S. Attacks are being redone, now have a small pixeling team working on the animations.
Sounds quite interesting for a Pokemon game.
Because I don't limit myself.
You do indeed limit yourself by making a Pokemon game.
lol the ignorance of the common Byonder.
Zete wrote:
lol the ignorance of the common Byonder.

"Common byonder", And you are again? Please take a look at yourself.
Lol, I do not by any way define myself a Byonder - one who simply plays the games created by the vast imagination and creativity of others, imponing their god-like critique and know-it-all attitude in which ever blog they see fit... Which by the way, in my book is all noob trolling.

I'm a pixel artist that likes to make games, and I use whatever engine is at my disposal - Byond, or not... Therefore, I have no ties, and to that no OBLIGATION to work on Byond.

But you being the player, should also learn to know your place :/
A developer is not any more special than a player. =\

I like to make games too, but I don't do so with an egotistic attitude.
I never said I was special, and I'm free to be as egotistic as I wish.
A bit late but, glad to see you back and kicking :)

Just let your game speak for itself, and laugh at them trolls when they'll be on it for a good amount of time.
Very impressive game for BYOND i must say. I only wish my pixeling skills would improve faster so i could possibly work on a game with you and your staff.
Zete wrote:
But you being the player, should also learn to know your place :/

Know your place and do not judge others, Calling me a "player" considering im a Pixel Artist who has also published more games then you also(Don't try undermining me by questioning quality because you will lose.) Ask around or whatever you feel is necessary i just don't feel the need to post Naruto game art on Pixelation(You.) because it is rather disappointing feedback for a BYOND Project, Say what you like about BYOND, You use the software, you are a BYONDer.
Err, let's not start arguing over something that started over a simple disagreement. (Whether Pokemon games limit you or not(
Ohh shinznit! Pixel Artist Fight!! May i join as well?