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Yes, I have finally got enough together and enough bugs quashed to release a demo. You can find the zip here. I'm sorry, it's not on the hub yet, as it's still not completely to my standards, and my todo list is still rather large.

Some play-info:
Please read the help file! It's small and nondescript, but can be found at File->Help. This will be expanded upon later!

Basically, what you would do is this: go north to the safehouse, double click the priest beings, and they will recite a statement to you. Based on my poll, this was not what people had suggested for learning new keywords, however, I feel these root keywords would be very difficult to figure out otherwise, so I only plan to make these six obvious from conversation. To actually utilize this root, you must go into your book, and write it down as a root. You can put in whatever description you want. After that, you would click on the podium-thingy and it will pop up a window. Simply clicking will add your spell components to the total spell to create. As a limited time deal (and for this demo), I'll provide the prefix list and the suffix list.

This contains many general improvements from my tech demo, including but not limited to:
  • AI (based strongly on Forum_account's excellent AI demo
  • A book UI
  • More intricate hotkey system
  • A GUI spell creation system
  • Tooltips
  • ..I forgot the rest. It's been just over a month since I released the tech demo, and a lot has happened. All of the changes that I logged can be found here, though.

A few things about the demo:
  • F0lak graciously let me use his art for the time being, so I used just enough of it to round up a demo. I wouldn't mind having an artist on-board *cough cough*
  • There are probably bugs. Please leave a note in this comment thread, or, if you're willing, leave a note here. Don't hesitate to use these mediums for suggestions either!
  • You can't actually level up, so, of the many bugs that may be present, that is not one of them. :)
  • Death is not finalized yet. I haven't figured out how I want it handled.

And here is my todo list, for those curious:
  • Change the main window to be a pane, so the DS window always appears in the taskbar
  • Make the help system look a lot better (the system is already made, sitting on my desktop at college, where I am currently not)
  • Make the tooltips less touchy (they really are right now :()
  • Don't let monsters sit at a "no monster" zone, and instead, have them flee.
  • And finally, add more map content

On an unrelated note, is this text hard to read? Some website updates broke my CSS completely, and I've been slowly recovering it bit by bit..
Trying it out now will post thoughts in few
I can't read your blog.
Yeah, I had added that as a post-thought at the end. I'm trying to figure out what CSS element to modify to make all the text change color, and I haven't had any luck.
Update: fixed readability.