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Battle alongside your allies in an effort to defend loot from hordes of monsters!
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Releasing a new project for alpha testing today. The game is far from finished. It is a remake/sequel of the original Gold Guardians.
You can download the host files from the hub, or play on the dedicated server (hosted by The Planet).
Looking for pretty much all kinds of feedback at this point, everything from bug reports to ideas/suggestions to why the game sucks.

The finished game will have a map/campaign builder built in, and a public server to share them.
Neither the insight or the arc skill seem to work.
I noticed. Apparently oview() doesn't take sight into account, so I'll have to rewrite the AI to use orange()
EPIC. The music realy adds a nice touch to the game. Cant wait to see this game finished.
This game already is awesome, I can't wait for its final version.
Galactic Soldier wrote:
Falacy, why don't you try to fix DuelZ's bugs before you even think about creating new games. Do it, and I think you owe us a duel for how long you've kept us waiting. You bastard.

Surely with that nice of a reply to Falacy. You'll get lots of Bug Fixes and Updates for DUELZ. Have a nice day!

You asked for some feedback, so here it goes. Keep in mind I played this in 1 player mode:

The sounds and music are a great touch. +1 on GG 1.

The fact that insight and arc arent working is a bit of a downer, but i read earlier that you planned to fix this. So I'm going to give that a -0.1 for now.

Running around as your own character, assumably the king, is a nice touch. Especially with the fact that you can attack creatures yourself. +1.

Levelling your character up (the little wings and halo from GG1) I like too +1. However, i would like to know how each level affects my character, and be able to view my level. -0.5.

The removal of some of the upgraded units from GG1 is a bit of a downer. -1.

The money at the start of each wave seemed a bit OP. -0.2. Then I reached the goblin archers and died. so Im negating that -0.2 with a +0.2.

Goblin archers being too powerful -0.2 (this may just be because of the one-player thing).

The ability to buy the abilities in any order, providing you have the money... thats a bit iffy. I personally prefered the old system of levels from GG1, but never the less it is still a good system. So i am going to have to say... +0.1 (feeling generous.).

One map. -1.

Interface design:
Colours -0.5. The yellow is ugly. The rest is fine.
Resizing -0.1. I'd like the ability to resize the map compared to the statpanels/output. But thats just a slight personal opinion thing.
Tooltips +0.4. would have been .5 but again the colour is ugly.

So in total that is...

+0.1 from GG1.

If you can sort out some of the -ves above (some of which are just because of my playing style, probably. Those maybe shouldnt be fixed :3), the game will be a much better one. Some of those things may also be down to the fact that i was playing alone. heh.

The map/campaign editor and sharing server sounds awesome. Can't wait to see that.

And as for the maps, their wasnt a lot of space on that first map. If you make more, have more space for units please.

OH! While i remember. Grid feature is a +0.1, as it can help out if you dont know where the grid is. And the choosing when to start feature (+ hte auto-start) gets a +0.1. So that brings it up to +0.3. :3

Can't wait to see future releases of this game.
Has anyone even reported bugs for DuelZ? I can't think of any. In any case, I'd say bugs are the least of the problems for that game.
Darkoro wrote:
So in total that is... +0.1 from GG1.

lol that's an odd rating system.
Version 2 of GG:ToaK has been released
Doubtful, and stop complaining about unrelated games here. I reposted your issues in an appropriate place on the forums.
I have An Idea.
-Make Upgrades Somewhat Like Stick Wars, Where Its Locked If You Dont Have Enough EXP(In This Case Gold) And Visible
Wow, I have to say I'm impressed, this is the first Byond Strategy game I actually enjoy playing. My only problem is the blood, not that it's not real enough, I'm just not a fan of blood. xD But still a nice game.

Minor Suggestions

1. Improve Squires by giving them more health. They die far too fast unless you eliminate the enemy Goblin archers yourself. At later stages, you can't completely focus on the Goblin archers. Either that or make it 50% chance to block arrows.

2. Improve Clerics by giving them a skill that increases the radius that they can heal.

3. Improve the Mages by giving them a skill that increases the range of their fire by 3 square.

The enemy is just insanely hard to kill once the Goblin Archers actually arrive. The Goblin Knights make it multiple times harder once they arrive as well "The end is nigh... Survived 31 Waves for 1057 Seconds of Combat Time"<-----That took 5-6 players to do. I hope you understand that there won't be OVER 9000 players defending the gold. It felt like the players + archers were doing the majority of the killing after a certain point...
gahhhh you had to make a sequal to GG...
your digging deeper into pandoras box ya know
I actually enjoy the game, but you'll probably want to replace the sounds ripped from Stronghold if you want it featured eventually.
Pass. If that's required to get it featured, then I'll just leave it off the main list. I don't have a professional recording studio or a hoard of voice actors and musicians at my disposal. Not like the game will ever get many players anyway.

Was that legit? I considered a troop limit
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