Hello, I'd like to announce that from today onwards I will be opening my teaching shop. Any students who would like to learn the basics of Pixel Art and some advanced tricks in the field, you're welcome to sign up - I'm only taking up a selected few amount.

I'll give a reference link of my abilities: new_icons.asp?owner=26203&ob=search&dosearch=1

Post below if you would like to sign up, with some kind of reference/portfolio of your pixel work, along with your MSN... How will you know if I have chosen you? If you get an msn invite from me.

Classes start right away!

P.S. This offer is only valid for those near European timezones, I won't waste my time teaching those 6 hours below me in the USA, too frustrating. Must be committed and active to learn almost daily - at least if you want to see results.
Good luck with that haha.
Rather than offering to tutor others wouldn't it be more productive to just take up pixel art jobs normally?
Sign me up

What i can do

my MSN is
Add both plz and thank you
people can teach themselves by looking at your art. the best way to teach people is to apply your art somewhere, not just say "okay, here you go. now copy this."
I don't want to come off rude, but please only post here if you want to apply - if not, I'm not even going to reply you.

So far I'm at 2 students. I'll take only 3 more.
I'm interested.
I hope i can be one of the 3
No more students, the ones that have been selected will begin once my internet is more stable... lol
how will we learn?

noticed your timezone thing.

Big problem im in australia.
hi i would like to learn please my msn is
i wud also like to learn my msn is please contact me

Thank You
i wanted to learn to