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I don't know him personally, and don't listen to his music. His life and existence does not effect me in any way, whatsoever.

However, there's this whole attitude on Youtube videos that people feel the need, no matter what they're watching, to make a reference to him be it in the likes/dislike comments, or by comparing the content of the video to him, saying that in some way it is better than him, even if it is completely unrelated. This is spam. This is why Youtube has a button you can click on comments called "mark for spam".

If you are not watching a video about or of Justin Bieber on Youtube, you have no real reason to bring him up, or comment about him unless the video is in some way related by at the very least the same musical genre. Even if you absolutely despise him, by making these comments you are simply drawing more attention to him than you need to, and the comments themselves are spam.

Either way, next time you're watching a Youtube video and you notice these comments about Bieber and the video has nothing to do with him, don't get into a fuss and comment back. Simply click the thumbs down picture beside the comment, click to mark it for spam, and continue watching the video you were there for in the first place. Don't forget to spread the word too. The more people doing this, eventually the comments will all stop and slowly disappear.
You could also just not read the comments on youtube.
I don't really know who Justin Bieber is to have much of an opinion of him.

Where did he come from anyway, one day i just heard the words Bieber fever lol

I've seen him recently, he just appears to be some young pop star, i don't actually know what he sings but oh well, what is he like some kind of Disney creation like Hanna Montana?
If only we had enough people on BYOND that would actually care to try such a thing.
Making fun of popular icons out of jealousy is cool though!
I hear he has a gig in North Korea.
This post is so much better than Justin Bieber's post. XD
I don't hate him, but it is sort of fun to type or read crude remarks about him. Most of them aren't funny but every once in a while someone says something that just puts a grin on my face.

BTW, he is not a Disney character. Apparently, he was uploading videos of himself singing in front of small audiences and some guy from a record label discovered him and that's when his career began.
Teka123 wrote:
Where did he come from anyway

As Michael Jackson's body continued to deteriorate, he had his scientists create several potential blank bodies for him to swap into. The rest are stored in standard mad scientist green liquid stasis tubes.
Contradicting typo :

"If you are not watching a video about or of Justin Bieber on Youtube, you have real reason to bring him up, or comment about him unless the video is in some way related by at the very least the same musical genre."
He was apparently popular enough early enough to be in the 'We Are The World' video they made for Haiti.

That said, I don't hate him. I hate that he's just another regurgitated iteration of the kid's pop fad. I would honestly rather listen to his music than read another comment about him though.
What people don't seem to realize is that by throwing his name on every video on Youtube, they are actually contributing to his popularity and not deterring anyone from listening to him, and by clicking the like button, they're just pushing the comment to the top of the list.
He's a talentless hack, pay him no attention. People don't seem to understand that negative attention is attention. I can't respect someone at his age who doesn't know what Germany is.

There you go. Justin Bieber getting shot. Now shut up already about the fag lol
Justin's manager is Usher, that's why everyone knows about him.

As soon as your name is mentioned on BET, you are instantly a sensation, for all races, regardless of the name of the TV Channel Black Entertainmen Television

NVM I don't know anything about Justin, but he's got some affiliation with Usher and Snoop dogg, which is like being on a subliminal message on televisions across the globe.
OMG!!!! I <3 JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!