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It would be beneficial if you could retrieve the name of the procedure from within itself. Since 'set name' exists, I'm thinking this is simply a matter of exposing the name. Perhaps with a special 'procname' variable, which is local in scope to the procedure?


world << "Currently in [procname]!"
Why not something like...

set procref = "proc 1" //any space would be turned into an underscore
set name = "your proc"
world << "[]" //would output "your proc"

It'd also be better for dyanamically naming verbs and changing the desc, etc, especially since using the new() proc for it, I think is kind of stupid. >:(
I suspect you'd actually want a procedure for this, like currentpath().

The idea would be it returns the full path of where you are in the stack, so in the example provided: /some_obj/proc/some_proc()

Any magic with hierarchy may make this tricky to implement though, I suppose, but it seems like a run-time thing to me.

I suppose it would help if Alathon could clarify his intended use scenario.