I'm running on empty at the moment, and I'm curious as to whether or not there are any other BYOND hosting services out there that I'm not aware of. Also, what about hosting services on external websites that would work to host a BYOND game? Money isn't an issue.

I'm totally clueless on this topic, and if someone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it :)
Wicked hosting still does hosting. It's on a client by client basis. Try them!

Edit: Go to my site and look through my fav blogs. And such
If money isn't an issue, give me $100K and I'll personally host in on our servers!

I've heard good things about Slicehost but that was years ago. Not sure how much things have changed since then.
I have been hosting Ultimatum on a SliceHost VPS for about one and a half years with pretty much zero downtime, so they're quality. Although if you're looking to deploy a large amount of servers, you might find Amazon's cloud services (EC2) to be more suitable.
Another option is cloud computing like Amazon EC2 because of the ability to scale up or down as needed. I have no idea if they give you the port access necessary to host games though.
I've been using Slicehost (<-- shameless referrer plug to avoid giving me the referral) for the past two years. Running IU which isn't exactly a low resource game.

There's also a lovely PHP API which you can build into your control panel to add and remove slices as you need them.

They charge on a monthly basis, so if you buy a second slice two weeks after your first, they'll charge you the second one within a few days and minus out the operational costs for the two weeks you didn't have it, to keep your bull all bundled on the same day. Very nice.

Also have lovely support. I've had no issues with them at all.

The only tricky thing with Slicehost is it comes completely barebones. You'll have to install an FTP client yourself in order to upload your game host files (or get someone with Linux knowledge to do it for you).

BYOND Install also wont work unless you run this first:
apt-get install make gcc unzip ia32-libs
Thanks for the suggestions! If I go with Slicehost, would 512 be decently fast? Like I said, I'm clueless.
512 is what I'm using. And IU gets an average of 50 players per day peek times and dies off to 20, and sits at a solid 4 - 10 until we get closer to peek hours again.

A total of 100GB gets uploaded/downloaded per month from that game alone. And few people if any have ever complained to me about lag.

[Edit] Forgot to mention all bandwidth is pooled. So if you have two slices, and one goes over it's bandwidth limit, it'll start using the others limit until both limits are reached. Then they charge you for excessive bandwidth usage. But that fee isn't very large.
dbzen hosting has been pretty good to me in the past. although they do not have a very easy to use method of getting the server running.
I'd actually recommend Linode over SliceHost at the moment for VPS solutions -- they currently have better prices for the specs. SliceHost is a bit old in terms of prices.
I used to use Slicehost, but I recently switched to Linode about a month ago and I'm liking it better so far.
I've been using Slicehost for a couple years now and it's super reliable - I think it went down only once since I've had it - for an hour or so.
I went with Linode for a month, so we'll see how it goes. Thank you very much for the suggestions, this helped me to get a handle on things.
I think ATP Host is pretty slick.

Airjoe wrote:
I think ATP Host is pretty slick.

I didn't realize that you were still running that. I may take you up on a couple more servers.
Tom wrote:
Another option is cloud computing like Amazon EC2 because of the ability to scale up or down as needed. I have no idea if they give you the port access necessary to host games though.

You control the firewall yourself, and you can open up a port for the BYOND game. All you'd need to do is create an image which starts the server up on boot and you'll be able to quickly set things up.

The downside is that costs will go to your credit card. You might end up footing a rather high bill since you need to pay per hour. A lot of people underestimate the amount of money that it ends up costing them.
I can host 24/7 my current px can handle about 100-200players per game add my key