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"My heart will explode, Or is this all in my head? I wipe the sweat from my eyes! I can hear you screaming, but I can't make out the words!"
-'Tempt Me, Temptation' by A Skylit Drive


  • Is NOT PSe.
  • All graphics/effects are custom made with exception of the Kirlia icon.
  • Will be built around three game modes; Build Mode, CtF Mode and the highlight - Classic Mode.

    These screenshots are from the first part of the map that the player will experience - Sunset Island. The opening bit will take place on this large island where the player(as a human, mind you) will have to take on various tasks(tasks which help teach the player some basic controls) for his mother. However a storm will roll in afterwards, leaving the player to wait it out in a cave where some event occurs(haven't figured out yet..) which traps him/her in the body of a Pokemon. The player wakes up in a mysterious forest from here. (how original. trolololol)

    The player will then have to go about the typical PMD approach(how i get here ololol) and goes on some adventure to return to Sunset Island for clues.

    *SPOILER: Yes, there will be a downloadable demo featuring the full gameplay for the opening up until the storm. Should be a good 7-10 minutes of gameplay.*

    PLEASE leave comments and ideas. Also, any ideas for how to approach the storyline would be lovely.
    Thank you!

I hope the gameplay will be as great as the graphics.

Good luck with the development process!
Graphics don't matter as long as gameplay sucks. Nowdays people usually want to have better and better looking game and forget about the gameplay which is the most important part of the game.
It's Kumorii people. Obviously the gameplays going to be on par with the graphics.
The way you've went about portraying the sun's gleam is pretty cool =P. Kudos.
Wake up under some sexy cherry blossom tree to find that you are a pokemon. Or is my guess on how the story fucked?

Oh and if i am right then it should be night time when you wake up as a pokemon that makes it look even more mysterious!
Look at the previous blog post with screenshots of the forest.

The forest will be where you wake up at.