Keywords: chat, relay, terulia, trc
Several changes have been implemented in Terulia Relay Chat - changes designed to make TRC use easier for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Previously, a user had to create a Forum account (to activate TRC) and then subscribe to one or more forums (to join the corresponding TRC channels).

Now, users can activate TRC without ever having visited the forums. Simply type '/activate' into the TRC console. Channels can now be joined using the '/subscribe' command (and left using the '/unsubscribe' command).

Once you've created a forum for your game, you can get your players into your channel with 2 simple commands:
/subscribe [your channel name here]

It's easier than ever to stay connected with your player-base, and as always, use of TRC and the Forum Service is 100% free. Sign up today!

edit: Due to the recent implementation of auto-activating and auto-subscribing, this post is no longer relevant.