Still working on the update as you can see, Kenny is working hard - I'm working mildly hard :)

As for the tutoring, only 3 of the guys I added showed up on MSN - so those will be my students.

Black (Star)
Right click and view it single handedly in a new screen to see it better guys.
Isometric Pokemon? O.o I like it.
Zete, size it down in a proper format. Then write (click to enlarge) below it. Then make it click-able.

(a href = "http://link.png")(img src = "http://link.png" width=500 height=300)(/a)

Replace http:// with link name, and parenthesis with tags.
Thanks Orange, I applied it.
I didn't know you were taking students. I'd seriously like to sign-up, lol. Would you still teach me? :)
Well I'd make an exception for an active european extra, since I live in Italy I can't teach north american students.
You can teach me im on 24/7
and Im a great programmer.

My msn is GhanaElite[AT]hotmail[DOT]com
Nice work.. Loving the new HUD artwork.
This game is absolutely gorgeous. I love the graphics and art work. The interface is perfect for an isometric pokemon RPG. The huds also fit the scheme perfectly.

Absolutely fantastic work! I can't wait to play it.
Any clue when you will be releasing....